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Quietest Blender: Top 8 Best Most Silent Smoothie Makers You Can Choose From

The quietest blender is one that enables you to blend quietly and make a smoothie even in the middle of the night. We acknowledge that the words “quietest blender” can seem like an oxymoron, considering blenders are some of the loudest kitchen appliances. Even doing something as simple as blending smoothies before you head to work can create conflict between you and your neighbors or housemates.

Thankfully, a particular niche of blenders has been created with a noise reduction feature. And while these blenders aren’t 100% quiet, they are a lot quieter than your conventional blenders. We have taken the time to research the top 8 best most silent smoothie makers available on the market so that you can make an informed decision on your next purchase.

However, before we dive into all that, it is essential to list the factors you need to consider when purchasing a quiet blender.

Quietest Blender Buying Guide

There are a plethora of blenders to purchase in the market, which can make the buying process a tad bit confusing. For example, before buying a blender, you need to check its features and specifications. The following is a list of essential features you need to consider before making a final decision:


Having a warranty on your blender can help protect it for service should it malfunction or break down. The warranty can vary from 3 to 10 years and typically depends on the blender’s price, usage, and brand.

One thing to note is that commercial blenders tend to have a short warranty validity period. This is because they are frequently used, and that can cause their lifespan to shorten.

Additionally, certain blender manufacturers provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and a five or 10-year warranty. Before making your final purchase, you should understand the warranty terms, which can help you manage your expectations.

Dishwasher Safe Parts

There are a few blenders on the market that are self-cleaning. All you have to do is mix soap and water into the pitcher and then run the blender for a couple of seconds. While this is a great feature, not every blender has this option. To combat this, you need to ensure the blender is dishwasher safe.

The best quietest blender is one that is dishwasher safe and lets you disassemble it seamlessly. You must choose a blender that comes with dishwasher-safe parts.

Motor Size/Power

The power or size of the motor is another factor you need to consider as it will determine the blender’s crushing capacity. A quiet blender doesn’t make sense if it cannot grind well. As a result, a quiet blender should have a motor range between 300 to 600 watts. This enables it to crush frozen food and ingredients seamlessly.

Blade Sharpness

An essential aspect of a blender is the blades. The most effective way to determine if the blades in a blender are of high quality is to check the materials used to make them. The most effective material for a blender’s blades is hardened stainless steel. This material choice alone proves that the blender is of superior quality.

It is also possible to find replacement blades for your blenders either from genuine dealers or directly from the manufacturer. Nevertheless, it would help if you didn’t buy cheap blades from unverified third-party dealers. Such blades are prone to rust which could, in turn, lead to health issues.


One of the significant contributors to a blender’s noise is its motor. You need to check just how quiet the blender is. As a result, blender manufacturers have designed various methods of controlling just how much noise the motor makes. One of these is by inserting insulating materials into the blender.

The most utilized material in a blender is rubber, as it can dampen and absorb the noise created by the motor. Some manufacturers have a cover or case to enable quietness. The enclosure is typically plastic, and that helps dampen the sound.

A sure-fire way to know just how loud a blender can be is to check its decibel rating; however, most manufacturers do not include decibel ratings. One way around this is to research and find reviews from customers that have purchased those products. The materials used will also determine how much noise the blender makes.

How to Use a Blender Quietly

The most effective way to quietly blend is in a ventilated area. This goes for a stick blender as well as a conventional blender. In most situations, the sound of the blender’s motor is significantly lower than one would expect in a bar or restaurant setting. You can use earplugs to stop the noise from disturbing those around you if you desire.

Specific models have a soup mode that starts the motor on the lowest setting before gradually increasing the speed. This ensures that your food is thoroughly blended with no additional effort from you.


Top 8 Quietest Blenders

Having laid the foundation of what to expect, this section will review the quietest blender available in the market.

1. Vitamix Quiet One Blender

Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender

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The Vitamix Quiet One Blender is an excellent choice for those searching for a quiet blender. It can perform like a conventional blender but at half the volume of noise. Not only is it convenient when blending, but it also has a unique construction and design that beautifies any countertop it is placed on.

Not only can this blender whip cream or puree, but it can also be used to make smoothies using whatever ingredients you desire. The Quiet One Blender can seamlessly blend various food types such as ice cubes, chunky fruits, vegetables, and more. Its high-powered motor puts out two horsepower making sure that every ingredient you put in the jar is blended perfectly regardless of its texture. It can also efficiently and quickly liquify foods to any consistency you require.

The blades of this Vitamix blender have been constructed from stainless steel, ensuring that they won’t corrode, discolor or rust even with consistent use. The blades are incredibly sharp, which helps this blender sit as one of the most powerful yet quietest blenders on the market today.

There are six preset options to select from with this Vitamix blender, so there is no limit to the number of recipes you can try out. This is particularly useful to those that want a bit of variety in their diet. Controlling this blender is easy thanks to the multicolor LED display that’s also user-friendly. The blender can be quickly started using the pulse option.

To help with cleaning, there is a self-cleaning option that lets you clean the jar by simply adding dish soap and water then turning the power on for about 10 seconds. Doing this will cause the blender to switch to its self-cleaning mode.

Not only does this Vitamix blender stop you from having noise issues, but it can also help you save time when preparing any type of food in the kitchen. With so many features available, especially at this price point, this blender is a great deal for those who want both parts powerful and quiet.

2. Blendtec Professional 795 Blender with Wildside

Blendtec - Original Designer Series Blender

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The Blendtec Professional 795 Blender is a great performing commercial blender with a reliable motor that features a three-horsepower output. To help with the operation, there is an illuminated touchscreen. This design includes a time and pulse button and 11-speed controls to help regulate the power when blending.

There are six preset cycles to select from in this blender. Sample presets are hot soup, mixed drinks, batters, and smoothies are present. The accompanying jar is 90 ounces meaning it can comfortably fit most orders. The blades are stainless steel which helps them cut through any ingredient.

Thanks to a highly elaborate soundproof system, this is one of the quietest blenders on this list. It uses an innovative airflow technology coupled with a sealed sound enclosure to eradicate any additional noise.

The Blendtec Pro blender also has a vented lid to ensure none of the ingredients spill. This design also means using a spatula to scoop and scrape from the blender. The Blendtec Professional can be used to mix, blend, grind and puree your ingredients.

3. COMFEE’ Blender Smoothie Maker

Comfee 500W Professional Smoothie Blender

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The Comfee blender is billed as a heavy-duty device, and it delivers 600-watt motor power. You can easily blend any food in seconds, thanks to the two speed functions included. One can blend a large volume of the item as the plastic jug can accommodate 1.5L worth of food items.

All parts are constructed from food-grade material. They are durable and safe for use. The rubber sheet also prevents slippage and ensures less vibration while using the blender. This reduces the blender noise level it produces. Maintenance is easy as one can easily remove various parts of the device and wash using the PULSE mode.

The Comfee blender and smoothie maker has four pointed stainless blades constructed from stainless steel and, when combined with its powerful motor, is sturdy enough to crush hard ingredients such as frozen fruit, nuts, and seeds. When the blender is operating at high speeds, the bearings help to reduce the heat created.

4. Vitamix Quiet Blender

Vita-Mix Blending Station Advance

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This blender blurs the line between a home blender and a commercial blender. This is down to its capacity and the ability to meet various blending needs. It seamlessly processes numerous milkshakes, iced drinks, smoothies, and juices. The included motor is rated at 180 watts and puts out 3.0 horsepower, about 34 Amps.

On this Vitamix blender are six beverage buttons with over 90 speeds. With this blender, you don’t have to worry about a recipe book as there are 34 inbuilt programs in it. The blender can be used for different recipes. There are also various pulses to help produce different mixtures.

To operate this quiet blender, there is a user-friendly touchscreen interface with which you can regulate the options. The pitcher is 42 ounces, and its design allows you to add ingredients to the blender via the cap even while it is running.

The noise from the blender is dampened due to heavy insulation and a removable cover.

5. Hamilton Beach 58181 Blender

Hamilton Beach 58181 Blender

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If you are searching for the quietest blender that doesn’t break the bank, you need to look no further than Hamilton Beach. The blades have been created from stainless steel and can rotate at 150mph. The pitcher, in contrast, is made from plastic. The pulse feature can be leveraged to ensure that you don’t over-process your food. This Hamilton Beach quiet shield blender comes with four variable speed settings to select from, ensuring you can do everything from puree to crushing ice cubes.

The jar is 32 ounces and is shatterproof to ensure that it can withstand any accidents. A feature included in this quiet blender is the timer which automatically stops blending once set. The blender’s 1500 watt rated motor pushed out 2.0 horsepower. The noise reduction is possible due to the removable shield and the engine.

In addition, users of this quiet shield blender get to enjoy the self-cleaning features coupled with a cooling system that reduces overheating when used. The BPA-free jar can be placed in the dishwasher alongside its other pieces. There is a 5-year warranty to ensure you never have to stop blending.

6. Blender, CRANDDI Commercial Soundproof Blenders

CRANDDI Commercial Soundproof Blenders

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Powered by a 2200 Watts motor, this blender has six sharp steel blades that work together for robust and consistent blending. Thanks to the thickened shield cover, it achieves soundproof quality, which absorbs the noise when blending.

The blender is perfect for all your kitchen needs like baby food, smoothies, shakes, ice creams, etc. Besides, all materials are food-grade, making them safe for household use. With 15 speed control, you can achieve various textures, making it possible to cook various meals. The blender fits both private and commercial use.

Users will love the impressive safety features that accompany the blender. For instance, the device will shut down in case it overheats.

It is one of the quietest blenders on our list,as one can use it without waking someone sleeping in another room. The self-cleaning feature makes it possible for the blender to clean itself in less than a minute.

7. WantJoin Professional Commercial Blender with Shield Quiet Sound Enclosure

WantJoin Professional Commercial Blender

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Wantjoin went a step further to ensure this blender performs excellently without much noise. Users can blend with minimal noise and reduce splatter and leakage thanks to the special soundproof shieldaccompanying the design. It is the ideal blender to take care of all your kitchen needs, both commercial and private.

A 2200W motor powers this beast alongside dual direction blade technology, which helps achieve the optimum blending with the right consistency. The device gives a high speed to handle shakes, smoothies, puree, and whatever you want to make in the kitchen.

Speaking of aesthetics, this is the type of blender that will add color and class to your countertop. The exquisite outlook and shield cover gives the impression of an expensive blender, yet it is available at a steal.

The blender is easy to clean, and you can have your smoothie ready in less than a minute. Users will love the digital display and the overheat protection that guarantees safety and durability.

8. Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes, Smoothies

Ninja Personal Blender

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Finally, this beauty from Ninja is a powerful blender that will handle all your vegetables, fruit, and other foods without stress. This device is powered by a 700-watt motor, which helps achieve strong and even blending.

Available at an incredibly affordable price, this blender can crush fruits and the toughest seeds. The blender can effortlessly break through nuts, veggies, and seeds to give the most nutritious extractions for your needs.

The plastic cups are thick, durable, and will survive various falls without cracking. The Ninja blender achieves consistent blending as the blade sweeps through the cup’s content to crush everything, creating a vortex. The entire components – blade, lids, and cups are dishwasher safe, making clean up quick and easy.


There you have it, the best quietest blender you can invest in. While these blenders will not operate sound-free, you can expect the noise level from their motor to be minimum and reasonable.

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