how to cover a doorway without door using a curtain

How to Cover a Doorway Without a Door – The Best Tips

Do you have an awkward open doorway that you’d like to cover? Then worry no more. This complete guide will show you how to cover a doorway without a door in different ways with excellent door alternatives. 

We’ll also discuss unique designs and DIY solutions for crafty thumbs. Let’s dive right in.

What is a Doorway Without a Door Called?

A doorway without a door has different names depending on whether it has a trim. If the doorway does, then it’s a cased opening. If it doesn’t have a trim, the doorway is regarded as an archway or pass-by opening. 

Generally, these terms are common in construction and architectural designs.

Most homes have one or more pass-by openings, usually between the dining and living rooms. But often, the dining entrance is an arched doorway.

How to Cover a Doorway Without a Door

Whether dividing a large room into two or looking for ways to increase privacy, there are many ways to cover a doorway without a door. We’ve described four of the best methods available below. 

Curtains and Shades

using curtain to cover door

The easiest solution to close a doorway without a door is hanging curtains. This is helpful if you’re looking to spruce up the room or even dim the sunlight. Curtains are also easy to take down, wash up and move when shifting houses.

Different curtain types are available: furry, printed, blackout, and those that glow in the dark. All you need to do is choose the one that suits your aesthetic appeal. 

Another curtain variant is blinds that you can fix on the doorway. They are rigid rectangular frames that cover the dimensions of the pass-by way. Blinds add to the room’s aesthetics and are most suited for wide doorways.

Beaded Curtain

beaded curtain cover

A popular pick in the 80s, installing a beaded curtain on a doorway instead of a door is one of the most excellent ways to divide a large room into two spaces. 

You could make one on your own too. Remember that the beaded curtain is see-through and doesn’t offer privacy. Also, it’s not advisable in homes with toddlers.

Wooden Dividers

A classy addition to any room, fitting a wooden divider between spaces is a foolproof method to cover a doorway. You can customize it to any color, style, and size needed, and it’s easy to clean.

Portable Screens

The perfect pick for studio apartments, a portable screen is similar to a wooden divider. The only difference is that it is smaller and mobile. It divides two rooms but doesn’t offer much privacy as a door. Portable screens liven up the room.

Amazing Door-Like Solutions to Cover a Doorway

If you’d like a creative solution to cover a doorway with an actual door, you’ve come to the right section. Here are three door-like designs that fit perfectly on a doorway and add exciting characteristics to a space.

Sliding Doors

sliding door

The simplest solution is to install a sliding door to cover a doorway. While this solution may be expensive, it’s worth the investment. The sliding element provides privacy to a room, locks in place, and adds a modern touch to every room. 

Contact a professional to fit the sliding door.

Japanese Shoji Doors

japanese shoji door

Japanese shoji doors have been around for ages and continue to impress the world with their aesthetically pleasing function. 

A zen addition to any home, the Japanese shoji doors are translucent sliding doors made of rice paper. They are lightweight, heat-resistant, water-resistant, and sunlight-friendly.

Country Doors

sliding barn door

An excellent outdoor solution – adding a barn-like swinging door on a doorway is sure to turn a few heads around. They are small and do not offer much privacy, but they enclose a space well and are durable. Interestingly, they are cost-effective.

Unique Installations to Cover a Doorway

If a door is the last thing you want to add to the doorway, there are other solutions you can consider. Most of them are easy on the pocket – sometimes, you may already have them in your home. Here are four unique installations to cover a doorway:


This method is a bit different, compared to the traditional doorway covers. You can fit a customized bookcase on a doorway instead of a door, as it is one of the best ways to clear up space and enjoy the different styles of the room. This solution is trendy for maximizing space in a studio apartment.


Although it belongs on the floor, you could add a rug on the doorway instead of a curtain. It provides privacy, blocks sunlight, and adds style to the room. Also, rugs act as a noise-blocker and effectively soundproof a room.

Summer Quilts

If it’s too hot for a rug on the doorway but too windy to hang up a curtain, try using a summer quilt on the doorway. It gently flows in the wind instead of flapping around, dims the natural light, dampens noise, improves privacy, and adds color to the room.

Wooden Wall

A wooden door-like wall is an excellent solution to maximizing privacy and style in a room. It is a common trend among modern interior designers. The wooden wall looks elegant and can be personalized to fit a certain style. Also, you can easily shift it when needed.

DIY Solutions to Cover a Doorway

Fortunately, there are various ways you can make your own ‘door’ to cover a doorway. We’ve described two that do not require special skills to make or install to cater to everyone. 

When conventional and customized tips don’t suit what you have in mind, the next best steps are do-it-yourself solutions. 

Rope Tassels

An easy craft for kids and adults to do together, rope tassels are simple to make, and you can customize them to any shape, size, and color that suits you. All you’ll need is rope and something to coil it over. You could also use thick yarn instead to add color and life to the room.

Once you have the materials gathered, the world is your oyster. Cut the rope into equal pieces and alternate knots to create a macrame-like design. Or learn how to make tassels out of yarn. Either way, you’ll end up with a boho-inspired curtain to cover the doorway.

Patchwork Cloth

An easy one-of-a-kind statement, patchwork cloth is pieces of cloth sewn together in a pattern to create a curtain. 

Find a cheap fabric store and pick up your favorite samples – you might get them for free if you’re lucky. Then cut them into equal squares, and patch them into a pattern you like. Sew them together, and you’ll have a fun curtain to cover the doorway. 

In addition, you could add layers of cloth to dim the sunlight, reduce the noise from the room or warm up in the winter and windy days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a doorway need to have a door?

No. Most homes built in the 90s had archways designed, which are trending again. However, many schools of thought address a ‘doorway’ as an opening that has or closes with a door. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide the style you want.

Can you hang a door without a frame?

Yes, you can hang a door without a frame. If you can fix the hinges right, the door will work perfectly. This also means you can get a door without a frame from an estate sale, flea market, and even custom-designed one. 

Can you put a barn door over an arched doorway?

Yes. But be mindful of unexpected beams set in place within the arch frame. Get a stud finder or contact a professional carpenter to install the barn door to ensure safety.

What is a jib door?

A jib door is a door that is designed to camouflage with the wall to which it’s attached. It does not have a proper frame surrounding it, nor does it have any moldings. A jib door is a secret door often disguised using art and wall frames.


If you read this far, you now have complete knowledge of how to cover a doorway without a door. 

Whether you choose the conventional methods, customize one, or design a door yourself, ensure to factor in the home’s aesthetics and the climate for a more pleasant experience. 

These solutions mentioned in this post vary in cost. While you may spend little on rugs and summer quilts, it costs more for sliding doors and bookcases, as they require special installation.

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