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Quietest Standby Generator: Top Five Choices for You

Generators are a great help, especially in emergencies, because they provide you with power. Generators come in handy during blackouts and are reliable sources of backup power. There are different types of generators with varying sizes and energy output.

Generators tend to make noise, which can be inconvenient. The noise from your generator might not be a big deal, but some neighborhoods have noise restrictions. To solve this problem, opt for a generator brand that makes very little noise.

Today, we will introduce some of the quietest standby generators on the market. We've tried out all the products mentioned below, which have low noise levels. Let's dive right in.

Top Quietest Standby Generators

Top Five Quietest Standby Generators

To start our list, we have a portable and environment-friendly product designed by Champion Power equipment. This standby generator is great for camping and other situations where you need a mobile power source.

The first feature that catches our attention is dual fuel usage. This champion generator is designed to use two fuel types: propane and gasoline. With the Champion portable generator, you don’t have to worry about fuel scarcity or unavailability.

The generator can also run for up to fourteen hours with either propane or gasoline.

The Champion portable generator is also designed for convenience. You can easily start the generator with the eclectic start feature, which consists of a battery and cold start technology. You can start the product with the press of a button.

Also, this product is very quiet and produces sounds at 61 dB. If you live in a quiet neighborhood or you want something with less noise, then this generator is a great choice for you. You can also use the generator in your recreational vehicle or workshop.

In terms of power, this portable generator has a starting rate of 4500 watts and can run at 3500 watts for prolonged periods. The power output of this product is sufficient to power some gadgets like fridges, televisions, and other equipment. Also, the power produced is regulated, and you don’t have to worry about your appliances overloading.

The generator has a portable design. You can use this generator anywhere because it is designed for easy transport. It comes with sturdy tires and a base to absorb vibrations. This generator is an all-purpose product.


  • It uses a dual-fuel system
  • Very mobile
  • Easy to operate


  • It supports less than advertised

The Champion Power Generator is a portable generator that is easy to transport. The generator also has an impressive power output with little noise.

Next on our list of quietest standby generators is the WEN 56203i, a backup inverter with minimal sound levels. This product operates in silence, and that is not the only interesting feature it offers.

To start, we want to point out the weight of this inverter. The WEN 56203i weighs 39 pounds and is one of the lightest products on our list. This generator was intentionally designed to be lightweight to make it easy to transport. With this product, the areas you can operate are no longer limited, and you can easily transport and store the inverter.

The noise level is greatly reduced and also tested by the US Department of Health and Human Services. According to their website, the product's noise level is similar to that of a conversation.

In terms of power, the WEN 56203i is quite capable. This super quiet generator has a starting power of 2000 watts, sufficient to power most home appliances. Also, the inverter has a continuous power output of 1700 watts. With this inverter, you can conveniently power your home, RV, or tools in your workshop.


  • Very lightweight
  • Minimal noise production
  • Easy to use and store


  • Slight oil leakage

The WEN 56203i is a great choice for a noiseless standby generator. It is both noiseless and efficient.

The Westinghouse iGen 2200 offers you a noise-free experience with efficient power output. This iGen is designed for your convenience and has some features that make it an excellent choice for you.

The iGen 2200 has a noise rating of 52 dBa, which is lower than the first product we looked at. The iGen 2200 is super quiet and convenient for use in residential areas or at night. You don’t have to worry about noise complaints with this product.

Also, the iGen 2200 is portable and weighs only 46 pounds. The design of this product makes it easy to transport and store. You can easily carry the generator with you on your camping trips or wherever you need backup power.

This product has a starting wattage of 2200 and can produce up to 1800 watts of continuous power. Also, the iGen 2200 permits parallel connection with other iGen models. You can easily generate more power for your home or heavy machinery.

The gen comes with a 1.2-gallon gas tank. It can operate for twelve hours without interruption at full tank capacity. Also, the generator has an economy mode that regulates the rate at which fuel is expended.


  • Allows parallel connection
  • It is fuel efficient
  • It is very quiet
  • Comes with varying outlets


  • Weak cord

This Westinghouse iGen 2200 offers you an impressive performance with little noise levels.

The Pulsar G2319N is a keg-shaped generator that provides a backup power source with very little noise. The product is carefully designed for your comfort and is also suitable for small-scale electrical operations.

The G2319N weighs less than 47 pounds, which is very lightweight for a generator. You can easily carry this product with you, and the keg shape makes it even more convenient. You can also pack the inverter in your car or RV without adding significant weight to your vehicle.

This generator is on our list because it makes very little noise. Compared to most products, the G2319N operates stealthily and is guaranteed to be quiet. You can use the generator without worrying about noise complaints or disturbance.

Aside from the weight and stealth, this product also offers an impressive power output. The G2319N has a surge watt of 2300 watts and a continuous power of 188 watts. You can easily power basic appliances with this inverter.

Furthermore, the design makes it possible to connect to other inverters, and you can increase your power output.


  • CARB compliant
  • It is very lightweight
  • Allows parallel capability
  • It comes with WAVE technology


  • Gives off a whiny sound at first

The Pulsar G2319N is another excellent choice for a quiet standby generator. It is powered by gas and can run for hours.

To end our list, we have the PowerSmart Generator. This product is one of the top choices on the market, and the features are worth it. The PowerSmart generator has everything you could want in terms of silence and operation.

The generator has a noise rating of 58 dB. Although the noise rating is higher than some of the previous brands we’ve discussed, this generator is still among the quietest on the market. You won’t really hear the sound of the generator from 23 feet away.

Speaking of convenience, the generator is easy to transport. The PowerSmart generator weighs 40 pounds and is among the lightest products we’ve seen. You can fit this generator into your car or RV with ease, and you can also lift it without difficulty.

The generator has a surge wattage of 2500w, which is higher than most of the other products. It also has a continuous wattage of 1900w and can power a larger array of appliances. The generator features a four-stroke OHV engine and cooling system.


  • It is easy to operate
  • It is very lightweight
  • The generator can carry a reasonable amount of load


  • It doesn’t work for too long

The PowerSmart generator is a 40-pound product with high efficiency. This generator is great for tailgating, camping, and use around the house.

Getting the Quietest Standby Generator

When shopping for a low-noise generator, there are some things you should investigate before making your decision. The noise level is important, but that is not all you need to consider. Here are the things you should keep in mind:

Noise Level

Since you’re looking for a really quiet backup power source, the noise level is important. From our review, you can see that each product has a noise rating that is measured in decibels. The decibels tell you how quietly the generator operates.

Before you make any purchase, confirm the noise rating of the product and ensure it is what you want. There are different noise ratings. The higher the rating, the more noise.

You’ll notice that none of the products we’ve mentioned has a rating above 61dB. Quiet generators should have a rating of less than 65 dB. Generators that are quieter than average rate between 60 to 70 dB, quiet generators rate 50 to 60 dB, while the quietest generators rate below 50 dB.

The noise rating depends on you and your environment, but we don’t recommend going above 65 dB.

Starting and Running Wattage

The starting wattage refers to the initial power produced when the generator is activated or the initial power required to start a piece of equipment. On the other hand, the running wattage is the power required to keep the equipment running or the continuous power your generator produces.

The starting and running wattage will determine the load your generator can carry. Note that quiet generators can’t produce as much power as regular generators, so don’t get your hopes up too high. You can get a quiet generator that can power your appliances, but ensure you verify the wattage.

The generator won't be effective if your power output falls below your appliances. Confirm the wattage and get a product that can meet your needs.

Tank Capacity

Most of these inverter generators use gas or other forms of fuel, and they come with a tank. The tank capacity determines how much fuel the generator can hold, hence the amount of time your generator will last.

If you plan to use the generator occasionally or for short durations, you can get one with a small tank capacity. A small tank capacity will save you extra weight, and you can also go for a smaller and quieter product.

If you want to use your standby generator for extended periods, you should get one with a larger tank capacity. A larger tank capacity means extended running time and, in some cases, higher power output.

Fuel System

Some brands have started making generators using more than one fuel type. There is a dual-fuel system in the first product we discussed, and this feature makes the generator a better choice.

A multiple fuel system makes it easier to power the generator, and you can easily switch if an option is unavailable.


The price is usually affected by some of the factors we’ve listed above. The more sophisticated the generator, the more expensive it will be.

You can choose an expensive brand that will give you all the features you want if you have a large budget. But if you have a tight budget, go for something that will satisfy your requirements but cut down on some features you don’t need.


You might need a backup generator for several reasons, and it is best to always be prepared for emergencies. There are many different generator brands on the market, and it can be hard to pick the perfect one. Don’t worry – we’ve done the research and have listed the top five choices for you.

We’ve looked at some of the quietest standby generators and listed the ones that have stood out. These products have been tested and are certain to meet your noise requirement. Also, they are very effective for power supply. We are here for you if you need more tips for living a quiet, peaceful life. 

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