The Best Soundproof Paint For Your Home and Car

The Best Soundproof Paint For Your Home and Car

Implementing acoustic dampening solutions into your home is usually a hassle. In most cases, they require both time and investment. Soundproof paint, also known as acoustic paint or insulating paint, is an excellent solution that doesn’t need any intricate installation processes. Just open the tin and start painting the wall to get started. It couldn’t be any simpler!

An Important Reminder

Before we jump into the reviews, it’s important to understand that no amount of soundproofing paint will completely block all sound from entering and leaving the room. The concept has some natural limitations and will never perform at the same level as a comprehensive soundproofing solution.

However, the difference soundproof paint creates in the decibel levels in a room is quite significant. For everyday sound issues, like bumps and loud TV sounds coming from the next apartment, the paint should be more than enough.

In a hurry ? Here are our top picks

Our Top Picks

When you decide to buy a soundproof paint for your home, you’ll be surprised by the different types of options available on the market. When painting their homes, people spend numerous hours going back and forth between different colors. Add the element of sound absorption and functionality, and the decision becomes even more confusing.

To help you out, we’ve collected some of the best performing products available on the market today. Each of these options are highly rated and do what they’re meant to.

Note: The first three products are part of a comprehensive insulation solution that keeps both sounds and heat out of the room. These three products work with equal efficiency when used separately. Therefore, we’ve decided to review them individually. For best results, combine all three of them. 

1. Acousti Coat – Sound Deadening Paint

This sound-deadening paint by Hy-Tech Solutions is an excellent option for recording rooms, studios, and other professional environments. This paint is specially designed for reducing interference, echoes, and other acoustic vibrations that can cause a disturbance in recordings and other activities.

For anyone looking for paint, functionality will not be the only consideration. People want their rooms to look pretty, as well. While the Acousti Coat doesn’t come in any other colors than white, it can be mixed with other paints. So, you can potentially turn this paint into any color under the sun.

One underrated feature of this coat is its ability to be cleaned with soap and water. If you live with children, you know how notorious they are for drawing on the walls. This paint coat can be easily cleaned with a little soap and water and always give you fresh, clean walls.

The Acousti Coat soundproof paint enjoys a high rating on the market. However, there are some problems with it that should be noted, too. For starters, it’s quite hard to apply with a roller or a brush. If you’re accustomed to regular paint, you’ll find it a little inconvenient. Another issue with this paint is that it takes a lot of time to dry.

So, you should expect to waste the whole day if you’re going for multiple coats.


  • Dampens echo, vibration, and sounds
  • Non-toxic material
  • Can be used on different surfaces
  • Mixing with other colors is possible
  • Matte finish


  • Quite hard to apply
  • Takes time to dry
  • Covers a lower area per gallon when compared to regular paint


2. SC1000, Sound Deadening Coating

It’s quite rare for two products of the same manufacturers to feature in our list, but Hy-Tech solutions deserve it. Just like the Acousti Cover Soundproof Paint, the SC1000 comes with the capability to work on multiple surfaces.

You’re also free to choose whether to use a brush, roller, or a spray with this, because the soundproof paint works with them all, just like regular paint.

There are some differences from the Acousti, as well. The Acousti Cover is primarily designed to contain the noise within the room by reducing vibration and echoes. This paint is the complete opposite. It stops noise from outside sources. If you want to stop outside noise and reduce the echo, then it’s better to apply both paints and enjoy the silence you’re looking for.

When it comes to limitations, the most obvious one is this paint’s inability to reduce echo and other disturbances. To do that you’ll have to spend more money on another type of paint, and soundproof paints are already expensive.

When you add the requirement of buying separate cans for a complete job, the cost may become too high and you might need to consider if it’s actually worth it.


  • Works exceptionally well against outside noise
  • Can work on any surface with varying efficiency
  • Water-based paint


  • Expensive when combined with the Acousti coat
  • Hard to apply with a brush


3. ThermaCels – Insulating Paint Additive

The third soundproof paint on our list is this insulating paint additive. The additive is made from ceramic compounds that resist fire and are 100% safe for the environment. The product is truly magical. Simply add this to any paint you’re using, and you’ll be able to enhance the thermal insulation of the room.

While the ThermaCels additive works with any paint, you’ll find that the best results will be with the paint set by Hy-Tech solutions mentioned beforehand. With both soundproof paints, this additive will deliver the best results and save you a good bit on heating.


  • Excellent insulation
  • Can mix with any paint
  • Doesn’t change the chemical properties of the solvent


  • Not as effective for interior surfaces
  • The combined cost of paint and additive may be a little expensive


Special Application: Automotive Sound Insulation

Your room is not the only area where you’ll need some peace. Many drivers prefer cars that have little or no cabin noise. This way, they can have interesting conversations with the other passenger, listen to their favorite song, or simply plan their day in silence.

Unfortunately, not all cars have the luxury of adding any soundproofing to the cabin. The problem is even more prevalent in older models.

If you relate to this in any capacity, then the next two products are the perfect choice for you. These two soundproof paints are excellent for any car as they’ll absorb the excess noise and allow you to enjoy a comfortable ride in silence.

4. Second Skin Audio Spectrum Liquid Sound Deadening Spray and Paint

Our first automotive soundproof paint choice is the incredible sound deadening paint by the Second Skin Automotive stores. This dampening paint is made from a polymer-based viscoelastic material that does not disintegrate in high heat and strongly adheres to any metal surface.

Apart from dampening the sound to give you a quieter cabin, this paint can also resist vibrations to further enhance your overall driving experience. It’s compatible with all metals, which means that you’re not limited to automotive applications only. You can use it in warehouses, HVAC Ducts, and other similar areas.

When it comes to application, the Spectrum sounds deadening spray gets full points on convenience. The paint can be applied with a brush or a spray gun. However, spray guns are more commonly used because of their convenience and the ability to cover trickier spaces easily.

Although the Second Skin paint is highly rated on the market, it has some severe limitations, as well. This sound-deadening paint is quite expensive and many users have concerns about the value it delivers at that extraordinary price.

Another problem is that the paint has some precise requirements about the application. Many people complain about flaking after a few days due to this issue. Finally, there are some concerns about the packaging. Given the price of this product, the packaging could have been significantly better.


  • Can adhere to any metal surface
  • Excellent sound/vibration dampening
  • Application with a spray gun or roller brush
  • Provides thermal insulation
  • Complies with prevalent health and safety standards


  • Expensive
  • Paint flakes away if the surface is not properly prepared
  • Inferior packaging can damage during shipping


5. DEI 3 Pack Sound Deadening Boom Mat Spray

The Boom Mat Spray by DEI is the ultimate choice if you want something effective and easy to apply. It couldn’t get any simpler than spray paint; just point towards the area you want to paint and get started. DEI guarantees that the paint won’t crack or chip, so you can apply it without worrying.

Rust buildup is a common and expensive problem for older cars. Especially if you live in areas with high humidity, you need to be extra vigilant against it. The DEI Mat Spray comes with rust prevention technology, which is an added benefit of using this paint.

This sound deadening paint is available in a pack of 3 cans and each can covers 20 sq ft. Given the overall price, that number is extremely low. The paint cans can also get messy. Sprays spread over a large area and don’t have much precision. If you’re not careful during the application, you might damage the interior of your car.


  • Excellent vibration and sound dampening capabilities
  • Comes in spray cans for convenient application
  • Dries in 20 minutes
  • Prevents rust buildup


  • Expensive
  • Sprays don’t have pinpoint accuracy


Buyer’s Guide

The aforementioned options are only the tip of the iceberg. Numerous other soundproofing paints deliver the same results. Here are the 4 parameters you can use to compare your options and select the best product for you.

  • Effectiveness: While soundproofing paint won’t create a silent and isolated room, you should still see a significant difference before and after the application.
  • Convenience in application: Due to their different composition, soundproof paints are quite difficult to apply. While selecting any product, you should ensure that it works with brushes, rollers, sprays, or any other method you prefer.
  • Color options: If you’re fine with a simple white wall, then this won’t bother you. Otherwise, check if the soundproofing paint you are selecting allows an exterior coat or can mix with regular paint.
  • Price: There are a lot of options that deliver excellent results without costing a fortune. While selecting any soundproofing paint, make sure that you’re not paying more than what’s required.

Soundproofing Paints FAQ

1. How Does Soundproof Paint Work?

Soundproof paints are mostly water-based and use micro-ceramics and thermacells to absorb noise. These components add a thickness to the paint and allow it to absorb more sound. The sound usually travels in waves and blocking off those waves with multiple coats of soundproof paint diminishes its intensity.

This is one of the reasons why people find it hard to apply soundproof paint. The texture is thick, so it’s a little difficult to spread it with a brush.

2. Is Soundproof Paint Effective?

Generally, a properly applied soundproofing paint will reduce the noise level by a maximum of 30%. This may sound low, but it can make all the difference between your neighbor’s TV waking you up and peaceful sleep. Realistically, you can’t expect it to do more. At the end of the day, it’s paint.

3. How Many Coats Should I Apply to Eliminate Noise?

No matter how many coats you apply, soundproof paint can only stop noise to a certain level. Beyond that, you’ll need to look for more comprehensive proofing solutions that require you to make structural changes. Generally, 3 coats gets you the maximum results possible for that paint.

4. Are There Alternatives to Soundproofing Paint?

Yes. There are multiple alternatives to soundproofing paint that can work together to deliver a superior experience to the users. 3 of the most popular choices you can use in your home are:

  1. Sound absorbing panels
  2. Acoustic foam
  3. Sound-absorbing curtains

Final Thoughts

Sound dampening paint is an effective solution if you are dealing with low-level noise and want to get rid of it. It works perfectly with other measures and can give you an overall peaceful room.

However, it’s important to have realistic expectations from any product you choose. You must remember that soundproof paint does not mean that it’ll handle everything. While effective for low-level noise, the paint will be useless for anything above a conversational volume. Things like a barking dog, a TV at full volume, or nearby traffic will still disturb you.

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