Best Soundproof Curtains

Top 10 Best Soundproof Curtains for Studio or Quieter Home Office

When it comes to soundproof options, soundproof curtains will invariably spark some debate. Certain people believe that soundproof curtains are highly effective in bedrooms, theatres, and recording studios. Others say there are other far more effective soundproofing solutions.

Before highlighting the top 10 best soundproof curtains, it is imperative to make a distinction clear. Many curtain companies add the term “soundproof” to their products when marketing them.

However, just because the word is associated with that product doesn’t mean it is created to offer any soundproof properties. For this reason, it is essential to define what a soundproof curtain is and how it differs from its counterparts in the market.

What Is a Soundproof Curtain?

Soundproof curtains are particular curtain types designed to reduce noise, thereby making a room quiet. They are typically most functional in bedrooms, theatres, and recording studios to reduce the impact outside noise has on a space. They use unique materials that give these curtains their soundproof qualities.

Soundproof curtains are typically thicker, weighing more than conventional curtains. As stated earlier, they can be very effective in deadening sounds. However, they are not effective sound blockers. What this means is they are great at canceling the room echo. However, they can block out sound past a certain decibel. This is another reason why they are primarily used in bedrooms.

How Do Soundproof Curtains Function?

This piece will first highlight the distinction between conventional and soundproof curtains to help you understand how soundproof curtains work.

Size of the Curtains

Generally, soundproof curtains for the studio are a lot larger than conventional ones. This is because they come in full size, almost touching the floor. Additionally, soundproof curtains are much broader as they have to cover more than just the door or window. Some outside noise could filter into the room if they are not much wider than the opening they are hung in front of.

Sound experts state that if the curtain only covers 2 to 3% of an open area, about 50% of the outside noise could infiltrate the room. It is for this reason that soundproof curtains come in much larger sizes.

Materials Are a Lot Denser and Thicker

As stated earlier, soundproof curtains are made from extremely dense and thick materials. As the logic goes, the denser and heavier the material is, the less sound energy it can transfer. It, in turn, causes a reduction in noise volume. You should note that soundproof curtains aren’t as effective in lowering the decibels. However, they can be effective when used with acoustic boards and other soundproof materials.

Made from Porous and Rough Surface

Soundproof curtains are porous, rough, and have deep pleating. This design ensures these curtains can effectively reduce the volume of sound waves. The deep pleating design helps soundproof curtains trap the sound inside.

By now, you understand how soundproof curtains differ from conventional ones. Their deep pleating on a rough surface, the larger size, and the thicker and denser material all serve a purpose to ensure that soundproof curtains can effectively act as sound absorbers.

What Materials Are Used to Create Soundproofing Curtains?

There are many materials to consider when it comes to what is used to create soundproofing curtains. A few of them are listed below:

Mass Loaded Vinyl

MLV or mass-loaded vinyl is typically used to construct high-quality soundproof curtains. This material is used because the high-density vinyl core can effectively contain incoming noise.

Combining all three materials can be so effective against blocking noise levels that they are typically used in various manufacturers’ construction of soundproof curtains.

Crushed Limestone

Crushed limestone is a material used to create soundproof curtains. The reason for this is the inherent soundproof properties limestone has, making it a suitable material.

PVC Polymer Blends

PVC polymer blends create soundproof curtains to stop noise from entering a room effectively.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Soundproof Curtains

There are a plethora of advantages and disadvantages associated with using soundproof curtains. Understanding them can provide more insight into whether soundproof curtains are suitable for your soundproofing needs.


  • Soundproof curtains serve dual purposes. Not only do they block sound out, but you can also use them to block light
  • Soundproof curtains for studio can be an inexpensive solution compared to other soundproofing methods
  • Soundproof curtains function in different spaces such as home offices, bedrooms, theatres, and more
  • Compared to other solutions, soundproof curtains are easier to install and use


  • They aren’t an ideal solution for recording studios
  • They require additional care since they are made from fabric
  • They need clips and rods to place on a wall
  • They aren’t as effective as other soundproof solutions
  • Top 10 best soundproof curtains

Top 10 Best Soundproof Curtains

1. NICETOWN 3 Pass Microfiber Thermal Curtain

NICETOWN Blackout Curtain Panel for Bedroom

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These Nicetown curtains have been constructed using 100% polyester combined with advanced three-pass Microfibre technology. Combining these fibers ensures that the curtains are equipped with additional density layers, which improves sound absorption. Nicetown Curtains perform excellently for dampening voices, deadening echoes, and muffling voices from outside.

Installing these soundproofing curtains is an easy process as you can use them for either doors or windows using a curtain rod one would use with a conventional curtain. Nicetown has included six options with these curtains: the rod pocket, grommet, top pocket, top tab, and rod pocket with back tab.

Due to the design of these dampening curtains, they can effectively block out about 90% of UV rays and sunlight.

They also provide thermal insulation thanks to the triple weave blackout fabric. In turn, this creates a comfortable environment by blocking the light out. Energy-smart panels are also included to help absorb outside noises and deaden the echoes originating from inside.

2. H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Patio Curtains

H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Patio Curtains

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The H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Patio Curtains are produced from 100% polyester. They have been treated to provide thermal insulation, making them capable of blocking UV rays and sunlight.

Not only are they great at soundproofing your space, but they have also been constructed using environmentally friendly materials, which is excellent for individuals keen on doing their part for the environment.

The material in question for these noise reducing curtains is a sound-deadening one which means these curtains are ready-made for bedrooms, theatres, and recording studios. Installing each curtain panel isn’t a tedious process; you only must install the rods and clips.

3. Bedsure 100% Blackout Curtains 84 inches Long 

Bedsure 100% Blackout Curtains

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Made of polyester, this curtain locks out both noise and sound. It has three distinct layers which keep light and sound out. The double-thick layer adds an extra layer of barrier to prevent unwanted sound in your room.

The curtain features a beautiful and soft texture which will add class and elegance to your room. It is perfect for the bedroom, living or study room to help block out and dampen unwanted noise. In addition to the noise absorbing feature, the curtain can keep the room at a comfortable temperature every time. Above all, you can easily wash with a machine.

4. HLC.ME Soundproof Long Window Curtain

HLC.ME 100% Complete Blackout Lined Drapery

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The HLC.ME Soundproof Long Window Curtain is constructed from 2 polyester layers. The double layers ensure it is an excellent curtain for absorbing sound. Apart from its primary job of absorbing sound, it can also be quite helpful in blocking external heat and light, making it a fantastic thermal curtain for the colder months. These curtains are great for those that want an inexpensive solution to blocking light, UV rays, and, of course, sound.

5. BGment 100% Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains for Bedroom

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The BGment curtain is made from 100% blackout fabric, ensuring that it is excellent at soundproofing and is also great at keeping out light. You can hang this curtain by using any rod, thanks to the six grommets that come with it. The curtain consists of a heavy-duty double layer that can effectively absorb sound two times better than conventional layered curtains.

The heavy-duty double layer ensures that the curtains are an excellent choice for protecting your home office or studio from outside noise. Thanks to the double layers, these curtains are about 90% more effective against UV rays and sunlight. The dual layers ensure that the room temperature is balanced regardless of whether the weather is cold or hot outside.

6. NICETOWN Dust Isolate Sound Barrier Curtains

NICETOWN Dust Isolate Sound Barrier

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This soundproofing curtain from Nicetown is advertised as a dust isolate curtain, meaning it can isolate dust particles. They are manufactured using four layers, all made from polyester. The front layer of the curtain is pure white, while the back is greyish white.

The middle layers are melt-blown cloth and felt fabric lining. The detachable felt curtain liner in the middle can help absorb sound two and a half times more than conventional curtains. This curtain is also thick enough to completely keep out UV rays and sunlight.

7. RYB HOME Noise Insulation

Thermal Insulation Living Room Divier Curtains

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The RYB HOME noise insulation Curtains are constructed using blackout fabric and felt curtain liner to ensure they are ideal for soundproofing home offices and studios. The detachable felt material is sandwiched between two layers to make this curtain’s soundproof properties more effective. No chemicals are involved in constructing these curtains.

While RYB states that its curtains are not 100% soundproof, they can reduce the noise level to a large extent. Apart from the soundproofing effect, the combination of these three fabrics ensures that harsh light and UV rays do not permeate the room.

8. NICETOWN Lower PM2.5 Particles Full Shading Curtains

Full Shading Curtains for Windows

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The full shading curtains from Nicetown are produced to act as a sound barrier. To this end, this curtain is crafted by combining one layer of detachable felt fabric with two layers of triple weave fabric. All three layers in this curtain are made from polyester.

The detachable felt fabric curtain liner is used in-between the other two layers and is excellent at absorbing sound two and a half times better than conventional curtains can.

Apart from soundproofing, this curtain is also 100% effective, according to Nicetown, at blocking UV rays and sunlight. This means that installing this curtain can transform the inside of your space into the night. Nevertheless, compared to other blackout curtains, this curtain from Nicetown is a bit on the high side.

9. LEMOMO Blackout Curtains

LEMOMO 100% Blackout Curtains

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Lemomo blackout curtains can be purchased in various sizes. They make a great budget soundproof option since they’re made from 100% polyester. However, this doesn’t mean they are of lesser quality, as the polyester used in this soundproof curtain is of high quality.

To make the installation of this blackout curtain a little bit easier, Lemomo Blackout Curtains comes with preinstalled rings, and that means you only need to install the clips and rods before you can hang this curtain on the wall for noise reduction.

Apart from providing adequate soundproofing, this curtain from Lemomo can help protect against UV rays and light, with about 89% of UV rays cut off by the curtains. They help save energy as rooms are kept warm in the winter months.

10. LUSHLEAF Blackout Curtains for Bedroom/Living Room/Kitchen

LUSHLEAF Blackout Curtains

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This beautiful blackout curtain is easy to install and will surely add class to your space. Each piece comes in a package of two curtains alongside elegant silver grommets for easy installation. The elegant curtains are made from faux linen, which blocks out sound and unwanted light.

The sound absorbing curtains are made with durable and thick fabric. Users will enjoy an impressive reduction in their heating and cooling costs. Care and maintenance are easy as each curtain panel is washing machine safe.


Now that you have the top 10 best soundproof curtains for studio or quieter home office, you need to understand that soundproof isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. To get the very best soundproofing for your space, you might have to combine several soundproofing methods.

Installing a soundproof curtain is just one of several processes you can use. However, having soundproof curtains can go a long way to creating the tranquil environment you want.

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