Best Soundproof Door Sweep

Best Soundproof Door Sweep: A Review and Buying Guide

If you’re looking to eliminate the annoying noise your door makes when it opens and closes, or perhaps you need a draft stopper to keep out that cold air. A soundproof door sweep may be just what you need.

In this review, we take a deep dive into the 5 best soundproof door sweeps, their stated purpose, effectiveness, and cost.

In a hurry ? Here are our top picks 

1. Grotheory 2-Pack Door Draft Stopper

The first soundproof door sweep on our list, the Grotheory 2 Pack Door Draft Stopper is an ergonomic door sweep made of silicone material, which makes it flexible as well as durable. This soundproofing sweep reduces unwanted noise, drafts, and works well on any type of floor and different types of door.

Its current price makes it one of the most affordable options available for this type of soundproofing door sweep. The installation process is made easy by being able to cut the silicone draft stopper to fit any door, and it’s easy on a wood floor or carpet.


  • Low price point
  • Easy to install
  • Strong adhesive sticks easily without ruining surfaces
  • Durable material
  • Excellent sound dampening and draft reduction
  • Comes in a 2-pack, so you get more bang for your buck


  • Adhesive fails once removed, so it must be installed properly the first time
  • In damper climates, the adhesive can lose its effectiveness over time
  • Some users have complained that the adhesive took the paint off their doors over time; older paint jobs may not fair as well as newer ones


The 2-Pack Door Draft Stopper by Geotheory is a cost effective silicone stopper that comes at one of the lowest price points you’ll find for this type of product. It can reduce or eliminate exterior noise as well as drafts.

The installation process can be tricky as you’ll want to get it right the first time, but if you do, it can make for a durable, long-lasting weather-proof and soundproof product. An effective customer service team makes handling any questions or problems easier, too.

2. Maxtid Door Sweeps

The Maxtid Door Sweep is a one-sided, adjustable door draft made to fit doors or windows that are 30, 32, 34, and 36 inches wide. It can effectively fill a gap up to 1.3 inches, and its velcro design makes it easy to adjust.

It comes in 5 different colors: black, brown, coffee, grey, and white, meaning you should be able to find one that matches any door, whether a steel door or a wood door. It can effectively reduce outer noise, light, and even smell from entering the room while also stopping drafts.

When you’re ready to install this product, you use the adhesive to attach the velcro strip, then attach the draft stopper tube to the door with the velcro. This makes it easy to adjust while removing the risk of pulling the adhesive off if it gets stuck.


  • Adjustable
  • The 5 different colors mean you can match it to nearly any color scheme
  • Installation only takes about 5 minutes
  • Great as a soundproof weather strip to block noise and drafts


  • The adhesive can pull off paint upon removal, requiring extra caution (especially with painted doors)
  • The foam product can sometimes be difficult to fit inside the polyurethane sleeve
  • The adhesive may not stick as well unless you heat the door using a hairdryer before applying


The Door Sweep by Maxtid is an economical and simple design that uses a foam seal to soundproof and weather-proof any door. Though the installation can be tricky and require some patience and a blow dryer, it’s a relatively easy project.

The foam is a solid sound absorption material, which can block noise in any space under 1.3 inches. The addition of the velcro stripping is a smart design, allowing for adjustments and ensuring that the product won’t pull the adhesive off of the door if it gets jammed.

Furthermore, the addition of a double layer on the other side of the door makes for an extremely effective soundproofing technique.

3. Evilto 2-Pack Door Draft Stopper

The 2-Pack Door Draft Stopper by Evilto is a rubber door sweep that’s designed to be soundproof, windproof, dustproof, pest-repellent, and even kid-resistant! Attaching the rubber strip to the door is quick and easy, and the adhesive is designed to be durable and long-lasting.

It comes in three colors, black, brown, and white, so it should match most color schemes. The rubber door seal is a triple layer design, making it effective at blocking noise transfer by creating a tight seal between the door and the floor.


  • Extreme adhesive
  • Sticks easily and won’t be pulled off during use
  • Installation is easy and quick
  • The flexible rubber makes an effective, soundproof weather stripping
  • Doesn’t damage floors like some heavy draft stoppers do
  • Suitable for application to a wide variety of surfaces (e.g. wood, steel, glass, etc.)
  • Worry free, 100% money-back guarantee


  • As with most strong adhesives, it may damage the paint on a door when removed
  • Without heating the door with a hair dryer first, the adhesive may not stick as well, and this is not included in the instructions
  • May not fare as well on the exterior of doors


The Evilto 2-Pack Door Draft Stopper is an effective rubber door sweep with a fantastic adhesive that sticks easily and lasts long (providing you use a hair dryer to heat your door before applying).

It can stick to a variety of surfaces and comes in three colors, so it should be able to match any door. With a 100% money-back guarantee and lower price, this rubber door seal is an excellent and worry free choice for effective soundproofing, windproofing, and dustproofing.

The rubber seal fits snugly against the floor, so it will affect the opening and closing of a door on carpet, but not enough to downgrade it. This product is best for anyone who needs a cost-effective and simply-designed draft stopper, bug stopper, or noise stopper.

4. Suptikes 3-Pack Door Draft Stopper

The next soundproof door sweep on our list, the 3-Pack Door Draft Stopper by Suptikes is a heavy duty silicone draft stopper. A dense material, it creates a tight seal between your door and your floor that will last as an effective weatherproof and soundproof door seal.

Installation is quick and simple, requiring you to remove the strips of rubber over the adhesive before sticking to the door. A strong adhesive makes this rubber seal extremely durable in all types of weather, and can be used just as well on interior and exterior doors to reduce outer noise, air, dust, and bugs.


  • Flexible material makes for a good seal
  • Doesn’t interfere with door opening or damage floors
  • Includes an installation guide so you can get it set up correctly the first time
  • The door seal strip is designed to be waterproof and dustproof, meaning it can be used in a number of locations on both interior and exterior parts of a door
  • Adhesive is strong, long-lasting, and durable in different temperatures and weather


  • The strong adhesive can pull the paint off of a door upon removal
  • These thinner strips won’t work well on larger gaps between the door and floor
  • If installed on carpeted rooms it may bend more, pulling off the adhesive tape after awhile


The Suptikes 3-Pack Door Draft Stopper is an affordable, effective rubber door sweep that can eliminate or reduce noise, drafts, and critters getting under your doors. Because of the thinner strips, be sure to measure the door before your purchase to ensure that they will fit effectively.

A money-back guarantee and 24-hour customer service line means you can get help anytime you need and send the product back if it’s not what you were expecting.

Because of the strength of the adhesive, it can be used on both exterior and interior doors, but may pull paint off of a painted door, making it best for doors that are not painted, such as steel doors.

5. Maxtid Under Door Draft Stopper

The Under Door Draft Stopper by Maxtid is a double-sided installation device to seal the gap under your door from either side. It’s designed to fit doors 32 to 38 inches wide, with up to a 1.4 inch gap under them, for doors no thicker than 1.8 inches.

To install, you simply cut the foam tubes to length, then place them inside the polyurethane slider, which you then slide under the door. It’s quick and simple and should fit all doors according to the specifications. Once installed, it’s made to stay in place and last.


  • Simple design and easy installation
  • Comes in four colors
  • No adhesive means no damage to doors or paint
  • Excellent customer service that remedies problems quickly
  • The double-sided design allows for extra soundproofing, windproofing, etc.


  • The plastic sliding along the floor does make a noise when opening or closing a door
  • Since nothing connect either side to the door, they won’t fit as snugly
  • Only fits certain specifications, so be sure to measure before you buy
  • Depending on where it’s used, it can slide out from under the door when opening or closing the door


The Maxtid Under Door Draft Stopper is a fairly inexpensive, well-designed, double-sided product that will fill the gap under most doors. Since it’s not attached to the door with adhesive, it won’t damage the door by pulling the paint off, but it may not reduce sound as well as ones that fit more snugly.

Its simple design makes it best for those who want an easy installation that can reduce or eliminate most drafts and bugs that may be able to get under a door. The customer service department makes any questions or problems easily taken care of, and returns or replacements are free in case you’re not satisfied with the product.

Things to Know Before You Buy

There are a variety of soundproof door sweep that you can find, and some are designed for different purposes than others. The majority you’ll find are adhesive door sweeps, though there are non-adhesive ones, as well. It’s important to know the difference between each and which will be more beneficial for your needs.

Adhesive Door Sweeps

Most products you find for soundproofing and weatherproofing your doors will be the adhesive types. The first four products we’ve reviewed here are this type of sweep. There are both advantages and disadvantages from these types of door sweeps.

Advantages of Adhesive Door Sweeps

  • Will fit more snuglyUsing an adhesive will stick the door sweep directly to your door. This will create a tighter seal, which will improve the quality of the seal.
  • Will block noise more efficiently Because of the tighter seal, these types of sweeps provide a better sound dampening quality than a less snug fit would.
  • Will keep the sweep in place – A strong adhesive will keep your door sweep from moving around as the door is opened or closed, even if it becomes snagged on something, like a carpet.

Disadvantages of Adhesive Door Sweeps

  • Can damage paint – This is the number one complaint about these types of door sweeps. The strong adhesive will likely remove the paint from the door when you try to take it off.
  • May lose its consistency – Over time, an adhesive can lose its stickiness. When this happens, it won’t be able to hold your door sweep in place any longer.
  • Can make installation harder – With strong adhesive, you need to get the sweep in the right place the first time. Taking it off to adjust it will cause it to lose some of its strength, if not most of it.

Non-Adhesive Door Sweeps

On the other hand, there are a number of sweeps that don’t use adhesives to hold them on. The last product reviewed here is one of these types of products, and like adhesives, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Non-Adhesive Door Sweeps

  • Easier assembly – As with the Maxtid Under Door Draft Stopper, most non-adhesive door sweeps require little to install them. Simply size them, then slip them under the door.
  • Creates a barrier on either side of the door – Since there is no adhesive to hold it on, these are designed to provide a draft or noise barrier on both the interior and exterior of the door, essentially giving you two door sweeps in one.

Disadvantages of Non-Adhesive Door Sweeps

  • Don’t fit as snugly – Because there is nothing holding it to the door, these types of door sweeps will fit less tightly against a door, making them a less effective sound barrier.
  • Can slide out from under the door – With nothing holding them in place, they can slide out from under the door upon opening that door. The less snug they are, the easier it will be for them to slip out of place.


There are a wide variety of soundproof door sweeps available today, and some work better than others. In this review, we’ve gone over products from each of the two types of door sweeps, and highlighted their advantages and disadvantages.

While soundproofing door sweeps can appear complicated, they really are quite simple to use effectively once you know all there is about them. We hope this guide has helped enlighten you to make the best decision possible when purchasing a door sweep of your own.

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