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Soundproof Hollow Door – The Solution You Need

All homes and buildings have doors – some of which are solid and some of which are hollow. Unfortunately, hollow doors are not the best choice if you desire tranquility in your home – they let more sound into your house.

Many believe that the only solution to improve soundproofing is to replace their doors with new ones. Even though it would be helpful, that isn’t always an option, especially if we are low on budget!

If you do not intend to get a new solid door, continue reading to learn how to make your home more peaceful. We’ll go through some do-it-yourself, straightforward strategies for your soundproof hollow doors!

Types of Doors

Hollow doors find use in house construction to reduce costs. They are more appealing to builders since they are lighter and cheaper. Except for the front and back doors, these doors are commonplace in residences.

Doors that need greater security are stronger and thicker. You may determine whether the door is hollow by knocking on it – if it is hollow, it will sound empty and have an echo.

The likelihood that you have significant soundproofing already is great if your home has solid core doors. Although the techniques we will discuss are employed for hollow doors, they can be used to soundproof solid doors.

How to Soundproof Hollow Core Doors

repairing door

It is possible to soundproof your hollow door simply and inexpensively, if not for free! Here are a few techniques for soundproofing your door:

Door Sweep

One of the most important things to check for when considering soundproofing is any large openings in the area. They will make it easy for sound waves to pass through. Consider how the sound level in a room reduces once the door is closed. The space beneath most doors has a sizable opening, some of which are large enough to fit a finger. If this is the situation with your door, you must close that opening.

A door sweep is an answer to this problem. They must be mounted by adding screws and attaching them to the bottom of the doors – some of them are fastened with glue. They will do an excellent job of preventing sound transmission through the door. It will also keep insects out and adjust the temperature of the space.

Soundproof Door Blankets

Soundproof Door Blankets

Soundproofing blankets are a proven method of preventing noise from leaking into side rooms – put them around the walls, and you’re done. Most people may think it would not work when put on other objects, such as a door. It would also appear unpleasant.

There are some options. The first step in soundproofing a door that will be seen is to pick a soundproof blanket that matches the door or blends in well with it.

Carpets and Rugs

Placing carpets and rugs is one of the best methods to soundproof any space – they absorb a tremendous amount of sound. The insulation improves the acoustics and prevents them from echoing all over the room.

If the door does not lead to a carpeted floor, a rug or a carpet might be the solution! A thick rug will perform similarly to carpeted floors, particularly when placed close to the door. It will absorb much of the noise before it reaches the entryway. You may go one step further and place carpets on both sides of the door. The more dense the carpeting, the more sounds it will absorb.

Rugs and carpets have the added benefit of improving the attractiveness of the space. They also act as a soundproofing solution.

Weatherstripping Tape

Weatherstrips are used to seal windows – they are an effective solution for keeping them airtight and soundproof. Weatherstrips also perform well for sealing gaps and openings in doors, and the installation is simple!

Weatherstrips attach to the wall with an adhesive compound. As a result, clean the areas before placing them, or they will not attach firmly and securely. After cleaning the area, apply the strip to the door frame. When you shut the door, the strip creates an airtight compartment, which prevents sound from passing through.

Soundproof Panels

Texture soundproof panels in perspective

Soundproofing panels, made to absorb sound, are one of the best practical solutions for soundproofing your door. Attaching a couple of them will help to reduce the sound that passes through. Soundproof panels perform the same function as soundproof curtains, but they are much less expensive and more available.

Aside from their efficiency, they are also simple to install. Since these panels are lightweight, you won’t need to drill any massive hooks to hold them secure. They’ll stay in place with stick-on hooks.

Insulation Foam

Insulation spray foam is a better option to soundproof your door. By injecting the foam into the hollow-core door, you can soundproof the door without changing its looks from the outside.

To achieve this, you’ll need to make several holes in the door, through which you’ll inject the foam. Subsequently, the foam will harden after expanding inside the door – that’s it!

Replace Your Door

Even though it’s not the first choice on this list, we must admit it’s one of the best. One of the finest ways to soundproof the largest aperture in the room is with a solid wood door. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive method of soundproofing a door, so those on a tight budget might not find this to be the best option.

As we stated earlier, the best way to tell if your door is hollow is to knock on it; it will sound empty and hollow. Another indicator that your door is hollow is how heavy it is. The door is also hollow if it trembles when you knock on it.

Some Extra Tips For Soundproofing Hollow-Core Doors

It takes more than a door sweep to soundproof a hollow door. For instance, you should do everything to solve the door’s other weak points if you wish to soundproof it.

Here are our best recommendations for enhancing a hollow door’s capacity to muffle sound:

Observe the Gaps

Doors have tiny openings around them. Finding solutions to plug these openings as much as possible can reduce unwanted noise. Consider a door gasket made for fire prevention or a soundproof door tape. Since many of the principles used in soundproofing and fire control are similar, many of these items perform well for soundproofing.

As we said, you could also add weatherstrips to solve this problem.

Focus on the Frame

There aren’t many things you can do to make it more soundproof besides changing the frame to a sturdy metal one. The first step is to add as much weight as you can. For instance, you could tear up some soundproofing mats and adhere them to the door frame.

This might be restricted because it might prevent the door from closing and opening.

Acoustic caulk can be used to fill up any gaps or cracks in the door frame.

Pay Attention to Both Sides

Adding mass to both sides of a door is the best way to soundproof it – mass has a crucial role in absorbing and obstructing sound waves, as it does in all soundproofing operations. Your soundproofing will improve if you construct a soundproof door cover. As a result, the primary drawback is that it might not be the most attractive thing.

Acoustic foam is yet another practical addition. This doesn’t aid in soundproofing. Acoustic foam manages echoes and reverberation by creating accessible textured layers incapable of reflecting sound waves.

In essence, the sound will have a hard time reaching the door.

How To Soundproof Hollow Door – Final Thoughts

So, can you soundproof a hollow door? Absolutely! The soundproofing methods mentioned above will aid in minimizing the majority of noise entering through the doorway. As a result, they can never get eliminated. This indicates that to be satisfied with the results, you must approach the soundproofing project with reasonable expectations.

The cost of soundproofing a door can range from reasonable to unaffordable. You must choose the approach that will work best for your environment and financial situation. If you decide to use curtains or blankets, you may expect to pay less, but if you choose to replace the door with a solid one, be prepared to pay more. Good luck!

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