how to hear through walls

How to Hear Through Walls: 6 Effective Methods

Does the old glass against the wall trick really work if you want to listen in on private conversations? Or, perhaps you might want to find out how to hear through walls so you can identify others who might be listening in on your conversations?

In our handy guide, we’ll share some of the most effective tricks to use if you’re trying to spy on others or find out how you can upgrade your own privacy!

 How to Hear Through Walls

There are quite a few tricks that you can try if you want to listen in on conversations on the other side of a wall. Here’s a quick look at all of the most popular and best methods to try if you want to take your spy skills to the next level!

Listen Carefully

how to hear through walls

You will be surprised at how much sound can travel through walls that aren’t properly insulated. Thin wall types, like glass, plywood, or drywall, are the easiest to listen through because sound waves can easily travel through them. You should even be able to hear through a single brick wall if it isn’t insulated.

Simply turn off the TV set and all other sounds on your side. Now press your ear against the wall and stick one finger in the other ear. You should be able to pick up quite a lot of what is being discussed on the other side. 

If you’re still having a tough time hearing through the walls, then it might have soundproof insulation or it might be treated with soundproofing wrap.

The Glass on the Wall Trick

how to hear through walls

Some people think of this trick as a bit of a cliche, but it does in fact work! Grab a stemless glass and place it with the open end against the wall. Now place your ear against the closed-end and put a finger in your other ear. 

The sound waves that penetrate the walls will resonate inside the glass and you should be able to hear these sounds more clearly when you press your ear firmly against the end of the classic glass.

Drilled Holes and Plastic

This trick does take quite a bit of preparation time and might not be feasible if you just want to quickly listen in on one conversation.

First, you need to drill a series of small holes in the wall by using a drill with a small bit. Next, you need to cover the holes with a thin membrane such as cling film or plastic wrap. Once the membrane is installed, you should be able to hear the sound on the other side of the wall as if there’s no wall at all.  

This method is called an extraordinary optical transmission and is a process in which sound finds a way to travel through a substance that would otherwise block it. 

To enhance the sound quality even more you can place an empty drinking glass over the membrane and holes and press your ear against it.  

Use a Stethoscope

A standard medical stethoscope can also be used to listen through the walls, but these devices usually aren’t cheap. However, if you use the stethoscope correctly, you should be able to hear what’s being said on the other side of the wall quite clearly. 

To use this method, put the hearing device on and press it against the wall. Move it around until you find an area where the sound travels through clearly. Keep in mind that a stethoscope likely won’t work too well on walls that are treated with soundproofing insulation

Use a Laptop App

Certain apps, like Audacity or GarageBand, might already be installed on your laptop and can be used to make recordings in your environment. While this isn’t a suitable solution for real-time listening, you will be able to replay the recording and enhance ambient sounds by changing the settings on these apps.

First, you need to create a quiet environment and start recording. You can now use the equalization settings on the control center to compress certain frequencies you don’t want to hear and enhance frequencies that you want to pick up on. 

Spy and Security Devices

voice recorder

There are quite a few spy and security devices that you can also use to listen in on private conversations. Items like surveillance bug detectors, hidden spy cameras, digital voice recorders, baby monitors, and security cameras with audio features can also allow you to listen through the walls.

With this method, you will need to install the device for spying on the other room beforehand. There are lots of places that sell spy and security devices and you should be able to pick some up at a very good price.

The operational systems and apps required for using these devices will differ for every model or type you use. 

To use the device to listen through the walls, you should test it first before you use it so you’re familiar with the settings, listening distance, and any apps required. Next, you need to place it strategically where it won’t be discovered while still recording audio. 

Some of these devices only record sound which can then be retrieved later through the audio file. Other more expensive models might transmit the information via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and will allow you to listen in real-time!

Final Thoughts

Figuring out how to hear through walls is pretty easy. That being said, this can be quite alarming to those who might want to maintain a sense of privacy and security. If others can listen in to your conversations by simply placing a glass against the wall, then it’s certainly time to consider soundproofing your home or office.

At Soundproofing Solution, you can check out some of the best methods and products to help you enhance your own personal security so others won’t be able to listen in on your private conversations!

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